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Solar Bird Bath Heaters

March 10, 2009

Solar bird bath heaters are just the thing for keeping your fine feathered friends warm and happy throughout the long, cold winter.  A continuous supply of clean water, food and housing will keep many birds coming back to your yard year round, ensuring colors and activity throughout the winter.  By utilizing a solar bird bath heater you will ensure that the bird bath’s water will not freeze.  Because the heater is run on solar energy it will not add to your electric bill.


There are numerous types of solar powered bird baths available on the market.  Most match a traditional bird bath with a solar powered pump that keeps water flowing through the bird bath like a fountain.  Since moving water freezes at a much lower temperature than standing water a solar powered bird bath can help you make sure you have water available for birds throughout the year.  Another benefit of the circulating water is that it prevents mosquitoes from laying their eggs in your birdbath.  Solar powered lights are also available for your bird bath so you can enjoy watching birds throughout the evening.


It has been stated that by providing birds with a constant source of water you can more than double their chances of surviving throughout the winter.  A solar powered bird bath heater is a great way to provide birds with a continuous water source.


There are two general ways in which solar bird baths are typically set up.  One is to have the solar panel inside the birdbath itself.  The other is to have the solar panel remotely mounted and connected through wires.  The setup that you should use depends on where you plan to setup the solar bird bath.  If you are placing it in a sunny location you can use the style with the integrated solar panels.  If you plan to place the bird bath in a shady spot you will need to use remotely placed solar panels.  Many of the solar bird baths can be run year round, even without a heater.  Be sure to ask the manufacturer how low of a temperature it can be run at.


If you need a heater for your bird bath, but it does not need to be solar powered, you will have even more options.  There are numerous heaters on the market that can be powered through your home’s electricity.  However, by using a solar bird bath heater you will not be contributing to our continued energy crisis, you will be helping achieve a greener environment and your electric bills will be lower.  Although they come with a higher initial expense you will save money in the long run by using solar bird bath heaters.